Give your kids the edge across all sports.  All year round training or off-season training.  We focus on general strength & fitness but especially on explosiveness, directional change, linear speed and co-ordination/agility.  We see huge improvements with kids that attend regularly in all areas and this translates to their chosen sports.

Participants will be tested and measured regularly to assess performance and progress. 

Classes are Monday through Thursday and a regular membership includes all classes.  From age 8 and above.

We train teams and work with coaches to adapt training to team goals.

We work them hard and after the session have a fun game to finish with a smile on our faces. 

  • Improve strength
  • Improve speed
  • Improve directional change
  • Improve explosiveness
  • Give your kids/team the edge
  • Ongoing measurements to measure performance 

Advance your performance today