Sports Performance Academy also collaborates with rehabilitation groups to offer another coping tool for those struggling with anxiety, stress, or substance abuse. We provide a fun and safe environment to introduce or reintroduce physical activity to these individuals, and encourage the groups to bring their therapists along and participate with the class. Our boxing classes are a great way to reclaim their health and wellness. If you would like to collaborate with Sports Performance Academy, please contact the owner at 385-437-0069.

In the winter of 2021, after a lifetime of battling pain, rage, and self-loathing, I checked myself into a treatment center. My body was weak, my spirit was broken, but I was determined to keep fighting that fight. As part of their programming, they offer boxing classes. From the very first punch, hitting that bag became a channel for all that pain, rage and self-loathing. I signed up for the same gym my first week home from treatment, and it became my medicine and my sanity. I made my competitive debut in the ring in August of 2023 and fought my self-doubt. I am so grateful to Kjell for coaching me in that very first class, and for fostering an environment at your gym of such safety. Thank you to my coaches for your dedication and passion. Thank you to Sarah Z for taking me to my first lesson and being my biggest cheerleader ever.