Kjell Crowe

Owner, Bootcamp Instructor, Strength & Agility Instructor & Personal Trainer

My first name, Kjell, is hard to read but easy to pronounce (“Shell”). I’m married and have four busy kids. Unquestionably, my family means more to me than anything. In addition to my family, my passion in life revolves around all things to do with health, wellness, fitness, birth (I’m also a birth and postpartum doula), and empowering people. I have a BS in Exercise and Sports Science from BYU-Hawaii, a MS in Human Movement from A.T. Still University, have been a CPT through NASM for 17+ years, and have been teaching boot camps since 2008. My boot camp classes consist of strength training, high intensity interval training, lots of burpees, routines based off a specific song, and me making sure you are lifting heavier than you were the week before. Modifications are always offered. I look forward to seeing you in class!


Zack Stewart

Boxing Coach, Speed and Agility, Conditioning

I grew up wrestling on an off through out my younger years. I then transitioned into Jiu Jitsu and from there I got involved in MMA and Muay Thai. After having a decent armature career I had to stop competing due to some pretty significant shoulder injuries. I continued to train and spent time with multiple world champions and world class coaches, I quickly found passion coaching and teaching and love to share my knowledge of martial arts.

Laurisa Simkins

Strength & Agility Coach, Personal Trainer

Hello! I’m Laurisa Simkins, a personal trainer certified through International Sports Sciences Association. I am very experienced in strength and conditioning, and designing an individualized, progressive program of cardiovascular, mobility, core, and strength training exercises for my clients based on their fitness goals. I help my clients master basic functional movements to improve their strength and fitness and to build a foundation for further gains. I’m also experienced in nutrition and would love to help create lifestyle changes rather than a “quick fix” for my clients. I have a deep passion for the fitness industry, I love to connect with people through fitness, and I love spreading health and wellness through this amazing community!

McKinley Smith

Boxing Coach

McKinley has been part of the fabric of our gym since the beginning. He is a blast, fun loving, volunteers his time freely, eats candy but has crazy cardio, will spar anyone, loves the adrenalin rush of the ring, 3 times state wrestling champ, MMA fighter, boxer, gives you an awesome workout and brings a great vibe to the gym. He’s had 9 MMA fights and has defended his title 4x.

Kamrie Green

HIIT Coach

Kamrie Green is a client turned coach. She is married with two kids and was born and raised in Spanish Fork. She has been teaching for 4 years, but the gym has been in her life since the age of 16. It is her happy place and where she can be her true self. Kamrie is our HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) coach in the mornings at 9. If you don’t like the early morning, then this class is perfect for you after you get your kids dropped off at school. Her HIIT classes are always different and challenging; you’ll never walk away without having gotten your heart rate up and your muscles worked.

Javier Ortiz

Boxing Coach

I am a competitve amatuer boxer and USA Boxing Certified Coach. I started my fight career in 2016, and have been coaching at Sports Performance Academy since June of 2020. I focus on teaching adult classes and believe that success is all about learning and practicing fundamentals. I am passionate about boxing and coaching, and enjoy training with all types of boxers including beginners just trying to learn a new skill, aspiring boxers, and seasoned fighters.

Hyrum Balzer

Boxing Coach, Speed and Agility Coach

In my younger years I was a successful track athlete who became an assistant coach at the high school level. I gained my passion for boxing in 2021. Since then I have dedicated my time to being a lifelong student of the sport. This includes being a registered boxer who stepped in the ring to compete, learning from excellent coaches in and out of our gym, and becoming a USA certified coach. My focus is training the basics of safety, footwork, and discipline that comes with the sport.

Kaluna Keala

Youth Boxing coach, Youth Speed and Agility Coach

Kaluna has been boxing at Sports Performance since 2019 and has participated in 4 amateur fights. He is also an entrepreneur and loves socializing with people. While he officially became a coach in 2023, he has subbed for SPA for over a year. Boxing has been an important part of his life and has gotten him through times of stress and other life challenges. He is appreciative of all of his new friends he has made through boxing. He enjoys seeing his class progress and can’t wait to see where they will go!

David Morales

Boxing Coach

 I have been boxing on and off since I was 12 years old, but have dedicated more and more time to coaching the last 2 years. I have had the privilege of competing in 6 amateur fights. When I’m not training or working, I love spending time with my family. The kids I teach from the ground up and seeing more and more improvement is its own reward because as a coach and mentor it’s important to teach how to fix and adjust errors so they learn to problem solve inside and outside the ring.