We offer boxing tuition for kids, teens and adults.  We have scheduled classes daily from beginners level.  We also have sparring once a week.  We have a full size ring, 18 heavy bags, double end bags and speed bags.  We loan gloves and wraps during the trial period.  Those who want to progress to fight and compete will be able to do so with the support of their coaches.  This involves a commitment to train hard and we will visit other gyms to spar.  Opportunities for amateur fights will be available for those who are sufficiently conditioned and trained.


For those who do not want to box competitively we offer cardio boxing.  This includes daily scheduled classes and our Boxfit Express Workout.  This consists of 12 three minute rounds led by a coach.  You can drop into this workout at anytime the gym is open.

The stations change daily and you will on the bag for one minute doing a combo, off the bag for one minute doing a cardio exercise and then back on the bag for the final minute to finish the round. You will be taught the basics of boxing and will get in great shape!!

Advance your performance today