About Sports Performance Academy

Our 6000 square foot facility has been specially designed with artificial turf, weight lifting area, 18 boxing bags, a full size boxing ring, and more to help meet any kind of training needs you might have.


Come to learn to compete or just for cardio. We offer boxing to all levels, beginner to advanced. 

Agility Training

We have HIIT classes, boot camp, and speed and agility training to improve sports performance.

Family Gym

We are a family gym and that means you can bring your kids down and train/play together.  

Questions? Call us at 385-437-0069

See where you are

Every member begins their journey with a personal consultation to analyze your current level of performance/strength to help establish a solid fitness foundation.

See Where you want to be

The next step in advancing your performance or improving your health begins with identifying specific goals and objectives.


We ‘ll help you track your daily, weekly, monthly progress and gives you the feedback and data needed to stay the course.

What makes us different



Outside of scheduled classes run by coaches, we have personal trainers available

  • To help motivate you
  • Hold you accountable
  • Set up a program
  • Conduct a personal assessment
  • Measure your progress

Short Term Contract


No sign up fees

24/7 Access


To suit your schedule VIP members can gain access to the gym 24/7.

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performance today