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Introducing Sports Performance Academy

Sports Performance Academy exists to help YOU create a healthy lifestyle by providing challenging and rewarding exercise programs and customized nutrition plans in a unique, safe, and fun environment where individuals and families can thrive and grow together.

Guaranteed results

Run faster

Jump Higher

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The Sports Performance Academy Difference

Clear Road-map

Every member begins their journey with a personal consultation that establishes realistic goals, objectives, timeline and a custom exercise and nutrition plan that works for you.

Flexible schedule

Our unique rotational circuit training allows you to come anytime we’re open and in 36 minutes get a great workout with professional coaches guiding and pushing you to new levels of fitness. 

Measured Results

Advance your performance faster by using our personalized fitness app. This intelligently designed app tracks your progress and helps keep you motivated to keep and meet your fitness goals.


The Academy has specialists who played themselves at collegiate and professional 
levels and offer a variety of speed, strength, and agility training for athletes of all
ages, interests, and disciplines.


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Clear and Concise Roadmap to Health and Success